About this website

About this website
This website was created by Pansophy Limited, a New Zealand based company that specialises in transdisciplinary studies across the broad themes of human wellbeing, the use of information and systems technology in education and complexity science.

Pansophy Limited
The name Pansophy comes from two root words ‘Pan’ meaning all and ‘sophy’ as used to refer to a particular branch of study. Combined, the name ‘Pansophy’ is here used to mean ‘the study of all things’.

Gabrielle Cole
This website has been created to provide an online musical platform with a public audience.

Website launch
The launch of this website in April 2015 represents the beginning of a journey with musical performance and production on a web based international scale.

Future development
In April 2015 this complete reference list will be made available online with a limited number of links to actual content. The task of seeking institutional and copyright permission to make further content available will be an ongoing task.


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