Walking with Angels 2011

This set of recordings was really a collection of my favourite songs that were becoming popular when I was a teenager and some of favourite old time favourites like Ava Maria. I have always enjoyed all kinds of music and so we struggled with choosing songs that all flowed on this album. In the end we decided just to go with what I loved to sing at the time!

Cole, G. and Cole, A. (2011) Walking with Angels, CD-ROM, A selection of recorded classical and easy-listening songs with instrumental backing: Ave Maria, Bound to you, I will always love, In the arms of an angel, The only exception, Only hope, Someday, Vincent, When I look at you, You lost me, Love never dies, You’ve got a friend, Mother’s pride, All love can be, Pansophy Limited, Palmerston North, New Zealand, Recording time. 57 min.

Walking with angels_1(600x400pxl)

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