Wonderful world 2009

This song What a wonderful world was a favourite song to record! I recorded it with my dad and it was the first duet that we ever recorded together. I love to sing with my dad and I hope that one day I can record another song with him! He has an amazing voice! I am so blessed to have my family so involved with my musical journey!

Cole, G. and Cole, A. (2009) Wonderful world, CD-ROM, A selection of recorded classical and easy-listening songs with instrumental backing: Butterfly fly away, Gift of a friend, I don’t know how to love him, I will be, Love you like a love song, My heart will go on, Only hope, Skyscraper, What a wonderful world (duet), When I look at you, Pansophy Limited, Palmerston North, New Zealand, Recording time. 34 min.

Wonderful world


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